Project Management and Compliance


Efficiently manage your non-profit organization, social enterprise and socially responsible initiatives with the assistance of our designs and recommended processes. Integrate compliance and monitoring, essential tasks to ensure accountability and transparency.




  • Increase efficiency in internal processes

  • Maximize productivity of human capital

  • Design executable ideas with concrete examples

  • Model good practices


Strategic Leadership


Receive advice in integrating strategic and financial planning into the governance functions of organizations or projects. Develop and train leaders and high-performing teams by identifying needs, solving problems and adapting to rising trends. Investing in strategic leadership results in greater impact, profitability and sustainability.




  • Improved strategic planning by integrating a financial perspective

  • Greater agility in governance for the boards of directors and fiduciaries

  • Enhanced leadership strategies based on profitability and impact

  • Identification of new initiatives with a tangible value proposition

  • Improved execution focused on results


Strategic Communications


Use compelling language that can be adapted to different target audiences to communicate ideas and projects effectively to ensure communication objectives are met.




  • Improve the positioning of the entity or company

  • Educate donors and social investors on the value and advantages of the organization or social programs

  • Strategies and tactics to retain target audience

  • Position the client, donor or participant at the epicenter of the action

Advice on funding and financing sources


Identify financing and funding alternatives, including:

  • Evaluate federal, local and private funding opportunities and assist our clients in applications and requests. 

  • Design project proposals that help clients address persistent problems and community needs.

  • Make the best use of available funding and ensure the organization has the capacity and resources to administer them.




  • Develop competitive proposals and applications

  • Substantiate impact reports with cost-benefit analysis

  • Diversify income sources

  • Create strategic alliances